The Clinical Process

Our online board-certified doctors diagnose and prescribe medications for common medical conditions.

Step 1

Make an appointment and answer some online questions regarding your symptoms.

Step 2

Make a secure payment and the doctor will be notified about your case.

Step 3

Connect with the doctor at your chosen date and time.

Step 4

Medications will be electronically sent to the pharmacy of your choice.


$39.99 flat fee

You will only be charged if a doctor prescribes you medications.

Otherwise, you will receive a full refund.

About Us

Our online board-certified doctors are ready to make diagnoses and prescribe you the medication(s) you need. Use our safe and efficient online process to get treatment for your common medical conditions.

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Why Use Us?

1. No need to travel. Get started from home or work.

2. Less expensive than Urgent Care and skip the waiting room.

3. Make an appointment with a doctor at a time that is convenient for you.